About Uptown Cats

Uptown Cats Rescue, 501 (c)3 not-for-profit animal welfare organization, is by virtue of design New York City’s mean-streets cat rescue and TNR specialist. We recognize and support the importance of pulling cats from euthanasia lists at city municipalities. However, Uptown Cats is especially dedicated to the direct, hands-on rescue of as many cats as possible; out of the estimated one million unwanted and forgotten cats that struggle daily to survive on food scraps, drink water from puddles contaminated by motor oil, antifreeze, and brake fluids; and are exposed to extreme weather, dodge vehicular traffic, and endure other hazardous environmental elements and conditions that are a reality on the mean streets of our city’s five boroughs.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: We believe cats are sentient beings that deserve to be regarded as first class citizens, or “Uptown Cats.”

OUR MISSION:  Cat adoption, rescue, and population management

Uptown Cats serves two functions:

Cat adoption and care: Through direct hands-on action rescue of as many at-risk homeless cats as possible, from their daily survival struggle on New York City’s mean streets; provide interim housing can cat foster care, long-term care, and ultimately place them in new homes where adopted cats will be surrounded by responsible, caring, and loving people; and

Cat population control: through the application of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), a humane cat population control program, prevent the unwanted births of thousands of kittens that take place in parking lots, backyards, and schoolyards in economically depressed neighborhoods currently experiencing a feral cat overpopulation crisis.

WHO WE ARE: Mean-Streets Cat Rescue

Uptown Cats began as a grass roots effort in the Sugar Hill section of Harlem in 1999 to gradually become recognized as New York City’s only mean-streets cat rescue, and Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) specialists committed to delivering solutions to where solutions are most needed—economically depressed communities of NYC where there exists an overpopulation crisis of unwanted homeless cats, and colonies of feral cats born to a life of neglect and suffering on our streets. Homeless cats barely survive by raiding trash bins and drinking out of puddles or gutters, which can be polluted with oil, antifreeze, household cleaners, and other chemicals.

Uptown Cats, a 501(c)3 nonprofit foster-based organization, views animal homelessness and the feral cat overpopulation crisis as a problem that we cannot, as a society, ignore, euthanize, or adopt our way out of. It is our moral obligation to minimize suffering through the application of TNR, a proven methodology, as the most humane and effective form of population control through birth preventions, and attrition. Whenever we can, domesticated strays and abandoned adult cats and kittens born outside are rescued from these feral colonies, socialized, and put up for adoption. (Feral cats are not made available for adoption.)

Over many years, with compassion, dedication, and perseverance, we have established managed colonies in local communities of upper Manhattan and the south Bronx. Now, more than ever, we continue to consult with and offer logistical support to residents wanting to take action intended to manage their local feral cat colonies, and we respond to calls for help from residents who report at-risk, sick, and/or injured cats in need of immediate rescue. 

Regardless of how an animal comes to us, Uptown Cats provides food, shelter, medical care, and most important, love, until we find the perfect match for a cat adoption. Our permanent cat adoption homes and cat foster volunteer homes are our life blood: they offer a double treasure by creating a vacancy so that we may use it to save another animal that is still suffering on our mean streets and waiting for us to come to its rescue. When you adopt a cat, you save two lives: the adopted cat, and the one to fill that newly created vacancy.

WHAT MAKES A CAT AN UPTOWN CAT?  The cats we serendipitously rescue, sustain for a time, and patiently work with to find their human counterpart, and perfect synergy, are Zen masters through whom we learn virtues like patience, gratitude, and their unique significance to a specific, corresponding person for whom they are destined to be a catalyst for change and cherished life-affirming experience. Adopt a cat and discover they are not to be underestimated; they teach us that the smallest things can bring about the greatest change, and that black cats are bad luck only if you’re a mouse. We are here to find each cat’s specific corresponding person with whom they will share the rest of their natural lives. Cat adoption is a wonderful way to spread love that can make amends to these precious beings for the trauma and suffering they experience during their time on the streets, feeling unwanted, lost, and helpless.  


We need a home…

Don Juan

American Short Hair
Adult – Male – Large
House Trained
Vaccinations up to date
Prefers a home without other cats, dogs and children
very sweet friendly, leash trained.


Russian Blue
Adult – Male – Large
House Trained
Vaccinations up to date
Prefers a home without other cats, dogs and children
Dorian is a sweet, mellow, boy. He is a little shy, but responds well to affection. Good for single pet home. some prior cat experience is preferred. Not ideal for a complete beginner.


Domestic Short Hair
Young – Female – Small
House Trained
Vaccinations up to date
Prefers a home without dogs and children


What We Do

Rescuing Animals

Uptown Cats is especially dedicated to the direct, hands-on rescue of as many cats as possible; from the estimated one million unwanted cats that struggle daily to survive

Health Care

All animals that are rescued receive medical treatment that  includes vaccinations, blood testing, and de-worming to get these negleted animals back to good health.

Spay & Neuter

All the rescued cats are spayed and neutered under an ASPCA sponsored Rescue and TNR humane population control program to reduce unwanted kittens in the city. 

Finding A Home

Every adoption comes with a hidden treasure. That “treasure” is a vacancy—at that moment, we are able to go out and rescue another cat from our mean streets, suffering alone.

Sponsor Adoption

Some of us want to help but maybe we don’t have the right home for a certain cat or the home is full. There are some people out there that can provide a home for a cat but can’t come up with the adoption fees. This is where adoption sponsorship comes in.

Sponsor Foster Care

We work with a generous group of people that are happy to foster cats that we rescue but this can be costly. We are looking for people that want to help but may not be able to take in another cat. Please subscribe to help offset the expenses for giving an animal a life that all living things deserve.

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